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Hepatitis ACT is a membership-based organisation. 

Hepatitis ACT members play an important role in ensuring the communities we serve have their say in guiding the direction of the organisation. Membership is an important sign of support and assists Hepatitis ACT in continuing to innovate in the delivery of services to the communities we work with to ensure quality delivery of services and programs. 

There are a number of ways you can get involved and your support for the community is invaluable. Apply for membership now.

Individual Memberships

Membership and volunteering provide unique opportunities to be part of the Hepatitis ACT community.

If you support Hepatitis ACT’s purpose and values and want to support our work, we welcome you to become a member.

  • Individual
  • Volunteer – If you would like to become a volunteer please contact Hepatitis ACT before filling out the form below.

Individual member benefits include:

  • Vote at the Annual General Meeting and influence constitutional change in the organisation
  • Vote to elect our Board of Directors
  • Nominate or endorse candidates for election
  • Regular newsletters and updates on the work of Hepatitis ACT
  • Access to members services at Hepatitis ACT


You can help Hepatitis ACT work towards a world free of viral hepatitis by making a donation today. We are a registered charity so your donation of over $2 will be fully tax-deductible. Your donations go towards the provision of support and services to people affected by hepatitis in the ACT.

For information regarding our:

Membership Application and Renewal form

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Donations are gratefully accepted. Donations of $2 and over are tax deductible.